Title of Show: Cruisin' - Autos of the 50's

Subject: Automobiles of the 50's

Artist: Murray Tinkelman

Size of Show:
Twenty-five black & white, pen and ink drawings. Each drawing is colorfully matted and framed. An additional feature of interest is the inclusion of the original, chrome script logos in the matting.
See an example.

Size of Art:
1pc. 24.25" x 23.5" H
13pc. 23.5" x 21" H
7pc. 21" x 27.5" W
4pc. 21" x 26" W

Medium: Black & White, Pen & Ink

Rental Fee: $1500.00 for the first six weeks, $200.00 per week after that.

Insurance: The responsibility of the renting venue, door-to-door, $37,500.

Shipping: The responsibility of the renting venue.

This Show Has Been Exhibited at:
The Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration, New York, NY