Title of Show: Rodeo: The Great American Sport

Subject: Contemporary Rodeo

Photographer: Murray Tinkelman

Size of Show:
Forty-five black and white photographs.

Size of Art: Matted and shrink wrapped.
(32 mats are 23"x27")
(13 mats are 27"x23")
Easily installed under Plexiglas, held in place by L-Hooks.

Rental Fee: $1000.00 for the first six weeks, $125.00 for each additional week.

Insurance: The responsibility of the renting venue, door-to-door, $6750.00.

Shipping: The responsibility of the renting venue.

These Photographs Have Been Exhibited at:
The Museum Gallery - White Plains, NY
The Peekskill Museum - Peekskill, NY

Represented in the Permanent Collection of:
The Pro-Rodeo Hall of Champions and the Museum of the American Cowboy - Colorado Springs, CO