1950's - 2000
This slide presentation will begin with the "new wave" illustrators of the 1950's. Just as in Part 1, this presentation will run chronologically. The lecture describes the transition of American Illustration; from its purely narrative roots through the more interpretive and expressionistic styles of the late 50's, the psychedelic, op, and pop styles of the 60's, the montage, neo surreal images and the slick West Coast airbrush look of the 70's, the potpourri of styles of the 80's and finally to the emergence of the computer as a primary tool for many illustrators of the new millenium. Ben Shahn and Robert Weaver will be highlighted for their innovative work that helped set the pace for this new look in American Illustration. Other artists highlighted will include Milton Glaser, Bernie Fuchs, Brad Holland, Gary Kelly, and Nancy Stahl as well as many other leading contemporary illustrators. All presentations are given with two projectors running simultaneously, and go for approximately ninety minutes, including a question and answer period with the audience.