Professor Murray Tinkelman's reputation precedes him across the country as one of the foremost authorities and lecturers on the History of Illustration.

The excitement that Professor Tinkelman generates as he lectures is contagious. He loves his subject matter, and transmits this to his audience. He is animated as he lectures, stops to answer questions, and elicits a few laughs as he gives us personal insights, as only he can. To say that he gives a slide presentation and lecture is actually a disservice; it is that, but so much more. During each presentation, Professor Tinkelman delivers information, anecdotes, and lessons on composition, color, concept and technique in addition to the historical aspect of every illustratosr that he highlights. Often, the artists are placed side by side with the art movements and examples of popular culture of the day. The audience is enchanted at being able to see the History of Illustration made so sccessible to them.

Melanie Reim
Acting Assistant Dean
School of Art & Design
Fashion Institute of Technology

Associate Chair of MA in Illustration Program
FIT School of Graduate Studies

Aside from being an accomplished artist, Murray Tinkelman is a fantastic lecturer! His lecture at the Sotheby's Institute of Art was dynamic and eye-opening. After the lecture, he initiated a dialogue that I wish all of our lecturers could do. Our audience was thrilled with the event and it was truly a pleasure working with Murray Tinkelman.

Sara Moore
Manager, Public Programs
Sotheby's Institute of Art
New York NY

I can't begin to tell you what a delight your visit was and how the inspiration from your lectures and workshop has continued to infuse this campus throughout the semester. As you know, your lecture was one of the special events we had targeted as part of our new student orientation and retention initiative. We couldn't have planned a better event for that purpose. The freshman seemed energized and excited about the visit and the contact with Murray. It is also quite interesting that although Murray's reputation as an illustrator is well known and preceded him to our campus, our fledgling photography department also got quite a boost from the inclusion of his photographic projects.

All in all, your visit was the highpoint in our semester. Your candor and collegiality with both students and faculty made us all feel like you were just one of the RMCAD family, and from now on, you both are. You know you will always have a place in Colorado to hang your hat.

Stephen Sumner
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design.
Denver CO

People came away from your talk not only with an understanding of how Douglas Crockwell's illustrations fit into the context of illustration in the mid-20th century, but also a grasp of what is involved in the process of illustration. It was fascinating to see the design influences of each decade in contrast to Crockwell's cover art and advertising illustrations.

I have received many enthusiastic comments about your presentation and several guests remarked on how pleased they were that they had attended; they found your lecture to have been both stimulating and easy to comprehend.

Timothy Weidner
Executive Director
Chapman Historical Museum
Glens Falls NY

Murray Tinkelman's visit and talk at the Delaware College of Art and Design was a resounding success. Not only did he charm our students, faculty, staff and the public with his witty and entertaining lecture, but he opened their eyes and minds to the history and foibles of the illustration and design fields as well as his own illustrious career. His visit will be remembered for a long time to come.

Elizabeth Traynor
Chairman of Illustration
Delaware College of Art & Design
Wilmington DE

Murray Tinkelman is a master in the field of illustration and his passion for this art generates a contagious effect on those who attend his presentations, leaving spectators feeling excited and eager to learn more about the arts.

Murray's dynamic presentations were entertaining and insightful, filled with anecdotes that enchanted all in attendance. His enthralling comparisons of Norman Rockwell's art within the context of his contemporaries proved to be amusing as well as educational. Members of the audience were heard saying, "I could have listened to him all day.":

The staff at the Dennos Museum Center is eager to invite Murray back! Not only is he skillful at winning over an audience but he is equally as skilled in capturing the hearts of the Museum staff for he is a delight to work with.

Kathleen Buday
Curator of Education & Interpretation
Dennos Museum Center
Northwestern Michigan College

"Invigorating and enlightening, Murray Tinkelman's insightful lectures about the art and history of American illustration have provided museum visitors and staff with a wealth of information and a deeper understanding of this important art form. We always look forward to his visits."

Stephanie Plunkett
Associate Director for Exhibitions and Programs
The Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge

"A good lecturer should have knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion. Murray has all three in spades. He always leaves his audience inspired to take their own work to a higher level."

Terrence Brown
The Society of Illustrators New York, New York