The BESTIARY is a gallery of unreal beings. Each drawing smacks the eye with an instantaneous revelation of the pictured creature's character, the same way the snapshots in a family photo album seem to unmask the true nature of relatives captured with their personalities hanging out. These beasties might be related to one another, cousins perhaps. Each one seems to have a story, hinted at in the way they all appear to have been caught in the midst of a thought or action, or in the moment just before or after something has taken place. Members of some obscure species that came to be as a result of suits of armor mating with animals, the beasties have in common an extraordinary air of individual temperament and personality. Each drawing has the impact of stopped action making a point. They have the exaggerated, subtly mocking tone of caricature. Tinkelman has used unlikely combinations and a sense of distortion to give the beasties a grotesquely comic aliveness.

"They are the product of a highly original, quixotic imagination. They obviously are to shock us, which they do. While improbable, they are completely believable."

Quote from Walt Reed, author and art historian.